Bepro Network, A Product For Decentralized Open Source Development

The building of the future of Web3 has been the majority of the discussion in the blockchain industry, as many of these industries focus on different areas.

Let’s look at Bepro Network as a typical example.

What you need to know about Bepro Network

Bepro Network is known as a decentralized marketplace and system which connects developers with anyone looking at building open-source or public development repositories.

The entire ecosystem at Bepro Network is interesting as the network allows you to manage disputes in the network, participate in the dispute and thereafter earn token rewards for your activities by curating the system and providing development resources.

Are you a developer or a company that needs to build a decentralized application in a secure and fast way, Bepro Network is an accessible Network that accommodates this.

Based on research, Bepro Network is a self-managed protocol powered by BEPRO Token which is a utility ERC20 token. One of the use cases of BEPRO Token is to manage disputes in the network, which thereby produces rewards by providing value.

BePro Network Use Cases

Bepro Network has 6 major use cases on its network. These are:

1. DeFi
In DeFi, staking or locking of tokens is a common feature and Bepro Network allows anyone to add all these common DeFi features to their applications or website. An example of a project already using this feature is Exeedme.

Exeedme happens to be a trusted P2E gaming platform using BEPRO’s technology. This was applied in other to accurate the development and production of features in the roadmap.

2. Prediction Markets
Trading on the outcome of future events with multiple time frames of resolution is known as a Prediction Market.

With a clear understanding of how prediction in the market works, creating sophisticated contracts to manage/govern the creation of your own token, the addition of liquidity or buying and selling shares can be done easily using Bepro Network. Polkmarket is a typical example of a project using this network.

3. Digital Art Galleries
The emergence of NFTs has opened new ways artists and creators can claim ownership of their products in a digital and decentralized manner, which can easily be opened by anyone and verify the authentication of the product/art.

Using Bepro Network, a white label solution is provided for artists with galleries to create their online digital showcase and customise it the way they want.

Other use cases include: Governance, Staking and NFT collectibles.

The blockchain industry is expanding and there are many solutions in the space. Bepro Network has paved the way in decentralized open source development and there are more things to discuss about this project.

Follow me closely as I revealed some key major products you can leverage as an individual, developer, and company.

You can also take your time to study the official website for more information.

Official Links

Website | Discord | Twitter



I am a expert in community management for crypto, blockchain and web3 platforms. With over 5 years diversified experience in the industry.

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Samuel Olapade

I am a expert in community management for crypto, blockchain and web3 platforms. With over 5 years diversified experience in the industry.