Darwinia Network Released First Furnace GameFi

Samuel Olapade
4 min readJan 11, 2021

The blockchain industry has been bringing a lot of solutions to the financial system of today’s world and also data management and other industry that has to do with documentation, transparency, security, and automation.
Darwinia Network has become the first GameFi project to integrate NFT + DeFi application which is called The Furnance GameFi.

What Is Furnace GameFi?

The Furnace GameFi is a system that allows users to combine various assets, whether Fungible and Non-Fungible Token into new synthetic Non-Fungible Token assets i.e. A token that can be used for mining. This furnace is the NFT synthesis system built on Evolution Land.
The cross-chain gaming system on Darwinia ecosystem is known as Evolution Land.

Treasure Boxes (Furnace GameFi)

The introduction of Furnace GameFi brought in two treasure boxes which are Golden Treasure Box and Silver Treasure Box. These two treasure boxes have rewards inside of them that are different and also varying types of drills of levels which you can use to drill out treasure (token) for yourself all in evolution land.
Don’t get confused, follow through…

In December 2020, Uptrennd Africa hosted Darwinia Network and about 15–20 participants received a reward of 1 silver chest each which is one of the treasure boxes. See-through how to make use of this:
First, understand that the drill tool mentioned above is of three types which are Iron Drill (Level 1), Steel Drill (Level 2), and Diamond Drill (Level 3)
When you are making use of any of these drills you are set to mine resources from the lands and the resources are GOLD, HHO, FIRE, SIOO, and WOOD.
WOOD already has a liquidity pool on Uniswap and others will follow suit.

Mining Principle Using Drill

In Evolution Land, there is what is called breed and battle NFT also known as Apostle which carried out mining exercise for the user on the land, but the integration of NFT synthetic system has brought in the deployment of drill in addition to Apostle to do the mining job for the users which thereby increase the quantity of token per time of mining. The user received drills from treasure box after the claim and they add POWER to mining.

Drill Key Note

  1. Drill can be used for mining directly
  2. Drill is the primary raw material for the synthesis of drilling rigs
  3. The more the level of the drill, the more powerful the mining is and also the mining rewards.
  4. The synthesis of high-end drilling rigs is mainly drill + resources.

For those with Silver chest rewards or possibly Golden chest, you will notice that the cost of each chest increases daily by 2.6% and after 30 days it will reach its ceiling price of 1,000 and 10,000 RING respectively.
You may ask, should one decide to leave it’s chest either silver or Golden till it reaches the ceiling before claim, what’s the advantage and disadvantage….. You can choose to claim the treasure box anytime. It is just a promoting method to call on people to buy a box in the early stage because the price is cheap, don’t wait till the box reaches its ceiling before you have one.
Is it the claim that activate the drills or the drills will need to be purchased?
When you claim it, you will achieve one drill. There is no need to pay for extra tokens.

Now I have the drill, how do I command the drill to work for me using the Apostle?
Go to your Apostle’s detail page, click on the work button, then select the Land you want it to work on. Choose the resource you want your Apostle to mine. That’s done.
When you use drill + Apostle to mine, you will get more rewards.

Are you confused about the use of Evolution Land and Furnance GameFi Treasure system?
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