From Zero to at least $1,000 A Month (Pt 1)

Samuel Olapade
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There is no doubt that a lot of people out there are looking for a job. Also, there is no doubt that there are a lot of job opportunities out there.
People get fired and people get employed, yet, we still have many that never even secure a single job after hundreds of hard and soft writing applications.

Are you set to liberate yourself from this act of writing applications? Then, read carefully!

Zero to $1,000 Monthly

The world is changing every day, most of my friends have at least 5 Jobs with at least $100 payment monthly, so if we calculated right and say all the 5 Jobs (which is not possible) paying $100 each, he receives $500 monthly, meanwhile, in my country’s minimum wage is $30. How do you feel to position yourself for this offer?

Let’s see the pathway from zero to at least $1,000 monthly

  • Airdrop & Bounty

It might sound odd to you if you are new to the crypto or blockchain industry. Also, you may not fancy this first pathway as great because of the state of the crypto market and how there is a thin line in getting airdrop this day. We know that airdrop happened when a new project is launched and set to increase adoption, they start with the distribution of their new token, and many in crypto today have benefited in one airdrop or the other. On the hand, the distribution of free tokens to those who already interact/transact on a network is another means of airdropping new tokens which Uniswap, 1inch, and many more had done which an individual bagged about $1,000, $2,000 e.t.c. When $AXS was airdropped in 2021, @axie44 on Twitter reportedly received 4905 $AXS worth over 700 000 US dollars Read the report here.

Note: The majority of airdrops are from DeFi projects, it is advisable to keep your eye open for any promising projects, especially those with no native coin because many can launch their coin by airdropping it to early users.

Where can I find them:, Bounty0x, and CoinMarketcap

  • Creating Content on a decentralized platform

If you are a writer or planning to become one, there is an opportunity for you where you write and make money free. In 2016/17, started as a decentralized social platform rewarding her users STEEM & SBD traded in the crypto market and right now there are a lot of social platforms decentralized one can connect with especially Hive Blockchain having multiple interfaces with different token earning models, the more vote you receive on your content the more your reward, though there are other T & C attached like your Hive Power & the Hive Power of people voting on your post. Also, we have Publish0x a crypto-agnostic publishing platform similar to, where many authors join and publish content that gets tipped by users.

  • Social Mining

Social Mining is another means of generating income online. This is a DAO governance solution that incentivizes fair governance and quality content curation from communities and networks of any organization. It also noted that Social Mining is a proven product that helped many leading blockchain networks to build their communities, including Elrond Network, Avalanche, and NEM & Symbol. You as a user on any Social Mining platform perform your activity by sharing content on your social media handle following the terms and conditions attached to that platform and you will be rewarded accordingly.
This solution has a fair reward system, the more you contribute (quality) and engage, the more you will be rewarded.

How can one join?: Join Daoverse, Join Polygon Hub, Join Avalanche Hub, & Join Kava Hub.
The good thing about this social mining is, you earn differently on each platform. The token to earn are as follow, $BUSD, $MATIC, $AVAX & $KAVA.

  • Join Ambassador Program

Every month, I do see different projects releasing announcements about the ambassador program for their project. The program is all about promoting their project on social media and getting paid weekly, or monthly as the case may be. If you are a regular Twitter user, this won’t be new to you. The amazing thing about this program is, if you secure one ambassador program, there is a possibility another one will reach out to you through your activities on social media. some of these programs pay in their native token, while some paid in stablecoin. If you must settle for any, make sure you study the project well, the team and the utility they are bringing to the market.

Some of the ambassador program you can try: Apply for Publish0x Ambassador, Cudos Ambassador, Rubic Ranger, Super Protocol and many more…

To be continued…

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