How DeFi Helps Filmmaking Industry

The recent growth in blockchain technology has brought in solutions to many industries, especially facilitating already existing functions of financial intermediaries, including money transfers, payments, currency exchange and incentivize objects, images or art which creates a financial settlement for many artists.
Close attention was given to the film industry when checking through the finance aspect of the industry. The most crucial aspect of any film project is financing due to the fact that the team needs funding to pay for every step of the filmmaking process.

How DeFi Helps Filmmaking Industry

When reading through some stories about how many actors started it shows that films financing is via a combination of investors, tax credits, grants, and other sources. Many shoot introduction of the film but never see how to finance the film, but thanks to mogul productions with a unique feature of using blockchain technology to render support to the industry.
Recently, Mogul productions concluded the voting of the film showcased for funding. For those reading this for the first time, you can read about Mogul first-ever movie vote.
DeFi in which governance and voting is one of the features has brought in solutions that connect everyone to the filmmaking industry. The focus of Mogul is to give everyone a voice in filmmaking and this is achievable via the voting mechanism launched by the team.

One thing that the Mogul team cherish most is education. It’s the norm of the team to throw in information and educate community members more about the progressive journey of the project and also, inviting Hollywood actors to journey the discussion for more understanding about the position of Mogul in the filmmaking industry. Last AMA revealed comprehensive information about Mogul, check this out

The attached link for the AMA, reveals the burning plans (Supernova) for the utility token (STARS) of the platform which is set to reduce the number of the token in the market and also increase its demand pressure and this will definitely affect the price action of the token.


Having no doubt about the longevity of the DeFi ecosystem, your personal study about this real gem is highly important because it will open you to huge opportunities that command passive income on your investment.

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