Razor Network Partner with Litentry

Samuel Olapade
2 min readApr 25, 2021


Blockchain technology is known for decentralized transactions, reliability, security, and integrity of the data which were first developed by bitcoin cryptocurrency. The centralized data is prone to data hack and single point of failure and this makes blockchain solution in terms of data management the key that activates upgrade in data management.

The decentralized oracle network that gives secure and reliable real-world data (RAZOR Network) released services for decentralized finance and gives a robust network that safeguards the business in terms of identity, insurance and price prediction in markets. Razor relies on a network of Validators for verifying data authenticity and ensures maximum game-theoretical security that’s why the project joined forces with Litentry to provide verified real-world data for Litentry’s DID Aggregator.

What Is DID Aggregator?
Ownership is important when it comes to security and decentralized system unique ownership identifier is important. DID is a unique ownership identifier that does not require any centralized registration authority.
The function of DIDs is amazing as it allows anyone to upload their identity-verification algorithms and share them on the network.

Razor Network Partner With Litentry’s DID Aggregator

Litentry is a cross-chain Decentralized Identity (DID) Aggregator built on Substrate, that provides a trustless way for smart contracts to obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across multiple blockchains and DApps. Read More

The validator network of Razor is what Litentry is building upon to verify data collected for their DID Aggregator, irrespective of the blockchain network from which it has originated. As Razor proceed in connecting with the blockchain projects to unlock the real gem in the decentralized system, connect with the network and leverage on this solution.

Read more about litentry’s partnership here



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