Rob Prior’s “Wolf of Wall Street” NFT To Be Auctioned (MOGUL Production)

The world of filmmaking has received an honour as Mogul Productions gives everyone in film making industry freedom of speech in a decentralized model that activates crypto-asset earning and farming.

In their dealings (Mogul), partners from a different aspect of life that will add value to the development of this production have joined forces together with Mogul, including Cindy Cowan Entertainment, NFTY Labs, ChainGuardians, Avisa Ventures, Blocksyn Ventures, GD10 Ventures, Geomercury, CrooGloo, Biconomy, Polygon (MATIC), Chainlink, Moonwhale and the host of others.

The Basement of MOGUL

Mogul tech focuses on decentralized film financing where the token system powers an incentivized community. Driving innovation in the film industry through inclusion, information and access to financing is the major focus. Through autonomous smart contracts, MOGUL can provide dynamic pricing, liquidity, and more to activate profit-making to the participants.

An interesting event is at the corner Rob Prior’s “Wolf of Wall Street” NFT.
for a decentralized platform, one of the important keys is the utility token that power the platform and for MOGUL, $STARS is the utility token that is required for access to the Mogul platform and is used as an in-app currency to purchase rewards and pay for actions within the platform.
Furthermore, there are four Tiers that give exclusive events, rewards, contests & more, and based on the MOGUL arrangement, there is NFT which Rob Prior the preeminent content generators with his Star Wars piece be created and burn live to turn into an NFT.

Don’t miss the NFT live stream on May 27th, as Mogul Productions will host a special event for crypto enthusiasts and newbies alike to join famed Marvel and DC Comics artist Rob Prior and other special guests to discuss the sudden rise and popularity of NFTs in the entertainment industry. It’s an amazing event you can’t avoid missing with great speakers like

  1. Arjun Kalsy the VP, Growth @0xPolygon (previously Matic Network)
  2. Erman Tjiputra the Founder & CEO at @AIOZNetwork
  3. Jarred Winn, Founder of
  4. David C0rmican an entrepreneur and Emmy-nominated producer, and is the Co-Founder & President of Don Carmody TV
  5. Cindy Cowan, the Founder of Cindy Cowan Entertainment and is an Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated producer!
  6. Ty Blackard, the Co-Founder/COO @NFTYLab + CCO @fomohunt

Have a look at this short artwork by Rob as he’s working on his Star Wars piece

You want to be part of this event, keep your eyes on Mogul’s Twitter or Telegram Ann and don’t forget to register right here for the proof of gin

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