Social Mining A Sure Deal To Crypto Incentives ($4,977 Workdrop 4)

The global crypto market cap keeps on experiencing a dip day by day and according to coinmarketcap, the present value of the crypto market sits at $912.19B, with a 6.17% decrease over the last day. In total estimation 93.16% of the total crypto market within the 24-hour volume are stablecoin and the dominance of Bitcoin is currently 39.24%, a decrease of 0.52% over the day.
Does this mean Crypto projects are dying?
Is there still an opportunity of earning crypto incentives in this space?

How about showing you, a project that just distributed $4,977 BUSD to their users as an incentive?

Let’s Dive In
The use of social media is highly important as this is like expressing your words in digital form for people to see globally, in other words, you are selling your attention to the world which supposes to come with an incentive to you.
We understand in the new era of social media, only a few people this new innovation as they spend a lot of hours on social media without getting any incentive aside from expressions in emojis or comments from their friends.
In 2016, was introduced as a community-based platform, decentralized and rewarding people based on their activities shared on the platform, though there are other factors attached to rewarding an individual command, it was a great experience until it was partially centralized in 2020 as Ned, the CEO tweeted on Feb 14th I have sold Steemit to Justin Sun (Tron Founder) which led to a division of the whole community and was born. Yes, a lot of happening on Hive blockchain that commands incentives, but it’s more about community-based, you have to belong to a community, be active and engage.

Is that the only new innovation attached to social media, we have?

How about making your existing social media handle a tool to activate rewards for you?

$4,977 Crypto Incentives Paid On Twitter Engagement. Are you shocked?

In March 2022, Daolabs launched a social mining platform that allows users to connect their existing Twitter account and engage with the account to mine rewards for themselves via their quality engagement. The project is growing with people from Nigeria, Philippines, Indonessia are already enjoying this platform which is over 23,000 registered members and if you are reading this article at the moment, you are still early because the project is just 6-month and set to release some amazing updates in the coming month.

  1. DaoLabs Gives Equal Opportunities

The team built on the fact that worthy individuals no matter where they are should access crypto investment/incentives as they help organizations build the next-generation governance infrastructure.

  1. DaoLabs Believes In Real Meritocracy

The team sensed people spend a lot of time, creating quality content and engaging with friends on social media, but get low or no reward. Also, some get rewards they don’t merit, therefore a fair system is required to reward people based on merit.

  1. DaoLabs Fighting Inequality

Whales are the shakers when looking at the crypto markets and investment. The launch of a new project is been controlled by VCs and getting into a launchpad to settle down for IDO becomes difficult, this makes DaoLabs present a reputation system that positions everyone right based on the quality they command to the community and rule out whale or VCs influence for equal opportunity.

  1. DaoLabs Believes In Fair Reward

Your quality work deserves a reward, so with your Twitter engagement you generate LABOR points which are then converted to stablecoin $BUSD at the end of every workdrop. Workdrop 4 was just completed on the 22nd of September 2022 and a reward of $4,977 BUSD were distributed to the participants.

  1. Register
  2. Connect Your Twitter Account
  3. Start Tweeting (Quality over Quantity, Use Appropriate Tags, Your Twitter Followers Must Be At Least 50)
  4. Start Accumulating Your Labour Point
  5. Get Reward For Workdrop (Your Liquid Fund In Your Wallet)

There are a lot of upgrades coming…

  • Yes, we are expecting PolygonHub another opportunity to earn additional rewards.
  • Yes, we are expecting the launch of the platform token $LABOR
  • Yes, we are expecting new projects like KAVA
  • Many More…

Join Us Now
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I am a expert in community management for crypto, blockchain and web3 platforms. With over 5 years diversified experience in the industry.

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Samuel Olapade

I am a expert in community management for crypto, blockchain and web3 platforms. With over 5 years diversified experience in the industry.