Supercharges Dogecoin Through the Creation of Smart Contracts (Dogechain)

Samuel Olapade
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The state of blockchain technology in the world today can not be overemphasized as multiple solutions that solved real-world situations are coming in.

In 2020, DeFi adoption was huge and many people entered the crypto market through the profitability sighted in decentralized finance. As the adoption of this system increased, new projects began to launch more solutions to ease people’s transactions in terms of speed and easy-to-use platform.

One of the projects that people love using is Dogecoin and participating in the meme culture that is associated with it. It simply means that the native coin $DOGE gained mainstream recognition and adoption because of the love for meme culture in the community. Dogecoin’s structure is aging having understood how people enjoy the elements in DeFi like staking, yield farming, governance, and many more, it’s now important to leverage on this technology and take Dogecoin from its fundamentals to join the moving train in this digital world.

Great seeing the introduction of Dogechain

Dogechain comes with the main goal of increasing the use cases of Dogecoin by providing it with much-needed utility. This is a simple strategy that allows every Dogecoin user to merely wrap their $DOGE into Dogechain smart contracts and receive $wDOGE PoS tokens in return.

Before a project will leverage on the element of DeFi, it needs a smart contract, that’s why $wDOGE tokens live on the Dogechain blockchain and allow users to access an ecosystem of DeFi products, NFTs, and GameFi, all indirectly powered by their original $DOGE tokens.

For example, AutoBark is one of the dApp on Dogechain. It’s a Decentralized, Yield Optimizer that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. AutoBark earns you the highest APYs up to 300% with safety and efficiency in mind.

Here are the four major features of Dogechain

  1. IBFT Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus
  2. EVM-compatible
  3. Decentralized Governance
  4. Cross-chain compatibility

With the above features, holding your $DOGE without putting it to work is just a waste of resources, until you check out the activities on Dogechain, you won’t know there is a lot you can do with your $DOGE.

Now Get Started!

Connect our MetaMask directly to DogeChain, the verified RPC details are:

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As Dogechain promises to transform the single-usage Dogecoin crypto into a DeFi powerhouse, Dogecoin is now set to compete with many of the top smart contract platforms in the current blockchain environment.

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