The Comdex Ecosystem Products Revealed

Samuel Olapade
3 min readJan 21, 2023

The Cosmos ecosystem keeps developing and Comdex a layer-1 infrastructure for seamless deployment of DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem continues to power DeFi in the multi-chain future.

Recently, we see a lot of governance proposals set up on the chain for the IBC gang to cast their votes for different purposes since there are a lot of utilities generated when dealing with assets or protocols on Cosmos Network.

Since the launch of the Harbor Protocol, development never stops and the latest news around Harbor is the migration of the Harbor Governance Contract to new code, which is still LIVE for voting as of the time of this article, following the 99.99% passed the Proposal 63 on the chain that focused on update Harbor Governance Contract to incorporate:

  1. Proposal Deposit Fix
  2. New query to show Governance params (like Threshold and Quorum)

For those trying to understand the position of the Harbor Protocol in the Cosmos ecosystem or on the Comdex chain, it’s a publicly governed protocol that enables the minting of $CMST by collateralizing interchain assets, and as a trader, you can track Harbor Protocol is pretty easy as revealed:

Let’s do a bit of digging into the Comdex Ecosystem

The Comdex ecosystem comprises 7 major products which are:

  1. Enterprise trade: Tokenization is one of the key elements in the Crypto/blockchain industry, Comdex established a Business-To-Business application built to tokenize real-world commodity assets and facilitate instant trade, settlements, and financing.
  2. Commodo: This is an interchain liquidity protocol for the Cosmos ecosystem. This protocol tries to alleviate pain points in existing lending-borrowing markets and through a distinctive architectural design with cPools and transit assets, Commodo provides money markets that are secure, efficient, and have deeper liquidity.
  3. cAsset: This is the application of a synthetic that enables the creation and exchange of synthetic assets using IBC-enables assets as collateral.
  4. HARBOR Protocol: This is an interchain stablecoin protocol for the Comdex ecosystem. The governance token for Harbor is known as HARBOR. This protocol is built on the Comdex chain (powered by the Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm smart contracts) and enables safe listed assets to be locked in Vaults and mint Composite. New to Comdex? Composite ($CMST) is a stablecoin designed to represent purchasing power and is therefore soft pegged to $1 and this can also be subject to change if there is a shift in the global macro landscape, as revealed via the doc. In addition, Harbor protocol also facilitates users to earn interest by depositing $CMST in its Locker module, through this protocol market makers and users can capitalize on arbitrage opportunities with its StableMint feature and this allows Composite maintains and hold its peg in secondary markets.
  5. CMST: Already talked about it, it’s an IBC-enabled stablecoin, which can be minted via Harbor Protocol on Comdex Chain.
  6. ShipFi: Digitization & exchange of ownership of commodity trade finance debt. Coming soon…
  7. cSwap: As an IBC-enabled hybrid dex build on the Comdex network, cSwap uses AMM liquidity pools a software that brings cross-chain markets and limits orders to Decentralized Finance. With this mechanism, the @cSwap_DEX will be a go-to platform for traders and arbitrageurs, enabling them to implement sophisticated trading strategies.

How Do You Start With Comdex?

The decentralized application requires a wallet to interact with the mechanism and Keplr wallet is one most recognized web3 wallets in the Cosmos ecosystem. As an Open-source, IBC-enabled wallet for the Interchain ecosystem which is powered by @chainapsis, users can install it on their PC as an extension and create their wallet, thereafter launching any Comdex applications like Harbor App, Commodo App, and cSwax Dex will connect with your installed Keplr wallet.

The native token of Comdex $CMDX can be used on Four staking platforms to generate passive income for the holders.

  2. Unagii App
  3. Cosmostation Wallet
  4. App

Network Explorer for Comdex are, Mintscan, Atomscan, Big dipper, Look chill, and Aneka

In conclusion, the solutions within the Comdex ecosystem are huge and with all these products mentioned above, traders, crypto enthusiasts, and blockchain experts have multiple ways of interacting with this ecosystem.

As an individual, you can check the website and learn further about the whole ecosystem.

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