Una Ready? “Tweet of the Day” Campaign Go Start Feb 1st, 2023

Samuel Olapade
3 min readJan 31, 2023

E don happen ooh…. Na so winning we go dey see as the campaign to win 10 USD on four Social Mining Platforms go start.

Wetin be Tweet of the Day Lottery?

The Tweet of the Day na the new campaign wey don running on all dem 4 active Social Mining platforms: DAOVERSE, Polygon, Avalanche and KAVA Hubs, wey go sama lucky shot to all dem new users wey join or the old veterans wey already dey inside one of dem platforms mentioned above, and go be big bang selection and winner go show through dem activity on Twitter everyday.

The Koko of the campaign wey go run for 2 weeks starting from February 1st, na to promote the thing wey we don dey talk about wey bi, quality, come join am with the game and fortune side of a competition, while giving also the opportunity to newbies to know the benefits of Social Mining and their Hubs.

Make we see how e go work

People wey bi memba and wey dey active for one of dem 4 Social Mining Platforms gravitating around DAO Labs Galaxy na Dem get level o. The first wey you go do be say, connect your Twitter account through your profile page. If you don access the Twitter Program wey dey your account, your first Points go land inside your account gbam when you follow the project’s official Twitter account wey be @TheDAOLabs, you don start your journey of becoming a Twitter influencer be that!

You no see how thing come easy?

Make you no forget to follow follow the instructions wey dey for the platform and publish your tweet, using the right #hashtag, @mention, or an HTTP link wey the the platform tell you oh.

Make I tell you say, na how plenti you tweet be, na so your chance to be big bang selection go be. You know say lottery, na the game of drawing of numbers at random for a prize. E mean say, as you don start your Twitter activity, you don enter the database of possible winners be that and from then on, the OGA dem wey dey DAO Labs go randomly select dem winner tweet every day. Na every morning oh, for 2 weeks (from February 1st to Feb. 14th) on the dashboard of every single platform, you go see the winner of the day, wey go be rewarded with 1000 Points.

Who fit do dis thing sef?

Make we tell una say, una wey be user, na you this the Tweet of the Day Lottery dey for. Make una wey be user do gbas gbos make you get the minimum number of follow follow people wey required to join the Twitter Program, as una know say, no be the same for all Social Mining Platform.

Na once a month people wey join can be winner, so every month dem dem user get the same percentage wey dey inside winning as anyone else on all 4 platforms. You no fit carry the trophy twice in a row.

Wetin come be the benefits?

You no know say Twitter Module na em be the most important program wey dey inside Social Mining platforms.

Make you come see the Koko wey dey inside when you join:

  • Money wey dey inside your Social Media Account go flow, when;
  • Promote project via your Twitter account;
  • Na your chance to get reward wey fit reach 1000 Points, we greet the Tweet of the Day Lottery wey just land ooh: na so so new opportunity to win land here, everyday.

Wetin you come dey wait for?

Make you join one of the platforms and start tweeting, we no go take you anything,

DAOVERSE: https://community.daolabs.com/

Polygon Hub: https://community.polygon.technology/

Avalanche Hub: https://avalanche-hub.com/

Kava Hub: https://community.kava.io/



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